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What is "Moon City"?

Moon City is a game halfway between simulation/management and strategy. It will be a game where the only goal is to dominate the lunar surface. To do this, you have several options: the diplomatic route, or, more bellicose, war.

I hope you didn't think it would be that simple! The stupidity of your settlers, representing the cream of humanity, will slow you down! Who would have thought dinosaurs had lived on the moon.


The gameplay

It will focus on the management of your buildings and troops. A streamlined interface for better understanding and smooth camera movements. Pop-up notifications will also be present to inform you of important things: a rover in need of energy, a rockopter lost in battle... in short, everything you need to know!

As for time (day and hour), it will pass at the same rhythm as on earth. Although your settlers may go crazy. But after all, you must understand them: no seasons, no weather, days and nights to extend, there is the whole pack is complete!

The colonies of competing countries will develop simultaneously. For greater difficulty, the latter will send you battalions to destroy your colony, at their simple initiative, alone, or with premeditation, in a group. Of course, your allies will not attack you, unless... you are betrayed! Don't worry... You'll have plenty of time to get even, by sending them your first-class lunar army.


The graphic style

It is intended to be simplistic. That's why we chose the low poly. A style that gives a specific charm and allows smaller configurations to run the game.


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[Launcher] Moon City (Win64) 6 MB
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Moon City (v0.0.23.0) Win64 48 MB
Moon City (v0.0.23.0) Lin64 55 MB
Moon City (dev version) [KEY NEEDED] 8 MB

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